Week 5: TV Drama Conventions and Introduction to Editing.


Define the key TV drama conventions.

Suggest why TV Drama is appealing to audiences.


Produce a pitch for a new TV drama.

Complete the glossary of editing key terms for next lesson.

Task 1: Know your TV drama conventions!

You have been approached by a major TV broadcaster to pitch a new TV drama for prime time audiences.

In pairs you should plan your new TV drama around the following points:

  • Storyline: Is it typical of your subgenre?
  • Who are the key characters and what is their function in the narrative?
  • How will you establish the protagonist and make them appealing to the audience? (Identification)
  • How will you make the antagonist less appealing to the audience? (alienation)
  • How will you make your TV Drama appeal to young and older viewers?
  • What settings/locations will you use and why?
  • Scheduling? (Time and channel of broadcast)
  • Who is the target audience for your drama?
  • Length of each episode & number of episodes.

Task 2: TV Drama and audience appeal.

What makes TV dramas appealing to audiences? Use your own experience of TV Dramas and the feedback you got from your ISP interviews.

List as many reasons as you can.

Task 3: Introduction to Editing

Watch the following clips and answer the following question.


  1. What is editing?
  2. How important is editing in the storytelling process.

Task 4: Editing Key Terms

Find the correct definitions to the following key terms.



Privileged perspective


Linear Narrative

Non-Linear Narrative



Eyeline match


The 180º rule

Shot/reverse shot





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