Week 8: Sound in film and TV Drama

Complete Tasks 1 – 3 on handout (Pages 1-2)

Task 4:  Watch both clips and make notes.

 Scene 1:


 Scene 2:


How does the sound in Cuffs…

  1. Enhance the audience’s emotional experience?
  2. Set the location?
  3. Set the period?
  4. Parallel the action?
  5. Create a more convincing atmosphere?

Refer to specific examples from the extracts.

 Cuffs is a BBC TV drama shot on location in Brighton and Worthing. It was first broadcast in October 2015.

Now complete Task 5 (page 3)

Task 6: Now choose a clip from a TV drama of your choice and analyse the use of sound

You should comment on how sound and music:

  1. Enhances the audience’s emotional experience?
  2. Sets the location?
  3. Sets the period/time?
  4. Parallels the action?
  5. Creates a more convincing atmosphere?

Challenge Task: Incorporate the key terms you’ve learned from Task 5 into your analysis.

  • Post your findings to your blog

Anything you don’t finish today you need to complete for HW. Please bring your notes and any printouts from today to next weeks lesson where I will check your answers.


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