Representation of Gender in TV Drama

AS Block F: Thursday 26th November 2015.

  1. If you have not completed tasks 1-8 from Tuesday’s lesson and updated your Representation PowerPoint then please ensure you complete these tasks today.
  2. Watch the video ‘Demand better Media in 2015’. Make a list of 8 keys points/issues surrounding gender representations in the media.

3. Watch the video ‘Rewrite the story’ and make detailed notes using bullet points on the way in which gender is stereotyped and how it is imprinted upon us from birth.

4. As we have now spent a week on representation it’s time to address some key theories of gender representation. Have a go at the two tasks below using your own detailed examples. Click on the links to view the PDF file (you will also have a hard copy to fill in).



5. Add your key points and findings to your powerpoint.

6. Here’s this week’s ISP. Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.09.57

Task 11.2 is due on the 10/12/15.


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