Christmas ISP: Coursework Preparation

Read through the slides by clicking on the link below.

L1 Introduction to preliminary production

you can use this storyboard template






Cover for AS F Block: Thursday 3rd December 2015

Hi Guys

Today we’re going to look at the representation of age in TV Drama.

Task 1: Read through the following slides carefully and summarise each slide with the heading and key points which are highlighted for you.

You should:

  1. Create a mind map summarising the key points surrounding the representation of Teenagers and post this to your blog.


Task 2: Study the full Episode of Skins – “Chris” and answer the questions below.


  1. Does Skins represent teenagers as ‘trouble’ or as ‘fun’ or as both?
  2.  Choose either the key character Chris or one of the other teens for this next task. How are Camera, Editing, Sound and Mise-en-scene used to construct this character? what does it tell us about this person?
  3. Is it a challenging or stereotypical representation?
  4. Do you agree with how teenagers are portrayed in this show?  explain.
  5. Using Stuart Hall’s Reception Theory, suggest how different audiences might respond to this episode and why.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.12.31

Extension Task and ISP: 

If you have not completed the tasks from last week and updated your Gender PowerPoints then please ensure that this is completed before next tuesday and all notes and documents are posted to your blog.