Week 21: Main Task: Production

You should now be underway with shooting and editing your final production.

Ensure that you have your final cut of the production finished by the end of Week 23 (Friday 11/03/16) Remember the final running time should be no longer than 2-3 minutes.

You will also have to write an EVALUATION of your Production, you will be provided with a writing frame for this in Week 24 (Monday 14/03/16)

The DEADLINE for this unit is WEEK 25 (Thursday 24/03/16)

Make sure you complete ALL ISP tasks as these contribute to your Coursework Grade!

Have a look at these examples from other colleges and make a note of the strengths and weaknesses for each video. What could be done to improve the outcome?




Week 20: Final Deadline

AS Media Block F Tuesday (226)  & Thursday (225)

 1.      Complete your coursework Pre-Production and Evaluation of Primary Research (including all ISP tasks) for Friday’s Final Deadline. You must upload all this to your coursework blog.

2.       Students can use the pre-production documentation from the blog https://worthingcollegemedia.wordpress.com/pre-production-documentation/

3.       Upload all coursework documentation to your Coursework Blog before 4pm on Friday 12/02/16.

Please see Jim for any assistance

Use the Half Term to film your opening sequences!!