Main Production

Below are a few reminders of the things that you need to be thinking about. I have also attached a full copy of the assessment criteria so that you can see how the marks will be awarded for this section of your coursework.

As you work on your main production please bear in mind the assessment criteria.  You are being assessed on your ability to demonstrate the creative use of the following technical skills:

  • producing material appropriate for the target audience and task;
  • using titles appropriately according to institutional conventions;
  • using sound with images and editing appropriately for the task set;
  • shooting material appropriate to the task set; including controlled use of the camera, attention to framing, variety of shot distance and close attention to mise-en-scene
  • using editing so that meaning is apparent to the viewer and making selective and appropriate use of shot transitions and other effects.
    Assessment profile Main Production

Take time to review your footage and be prepared to re-film scenes if the lighting, sound quality or camera work is not up to scratch. It is important that ‘production values’ on your main production on your main production are much higher than they were on your preliminary production.

On the ‘main production’ section of your blog, keep a production log to document your role in the production. Be very clear about your individual contribution – linked to your specific production role (director, camera operator, sound designer, production designer).

IMPORTANT. It essential that you ensure that images used in your main production are  your own and not take from the internet. This includes any still images that you might use, for example when making your production company logo. The only exception to this is when you make a BBFC  for your opening shot. Take screen shots to illustrate how you have digitally manipulated found images.
Remember that all sounds and music must come from royality free sources. Post links to the sites from which your sourced sounds, on the production section of your blog.


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