Friday 31st March 2017: G322 Section B: Film Industry Production Research

Read these instructions VERY carefully!

First you should…

Download the PowerPoints by clicking on the links below..

Skyfall Powerpoint


Production Powerpoint

G322 Film Industry – Production (1) 

Learning Outcomes: Produce:

  1. A Glossary of KEY TERMS and DEFINITIONS
  2. A PowerPoint Presentation which summarises the PRODUCTION of Skyfall and Shifty.


Task 1: PRODUCTION PPT: Read slides 24 – 27. Complete the activity on slides 26 – 27. You were set this last week to complete for HW!


Task 2: PRODUCTION PPT: Read through slides 28 – 32. Add the key terms (NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES, MEDIA CONVERGENCE, TECHNOLOGICAL CONVERGENCE, SYNERGY and CROSS MEDIA CONVERGENCE) and their definitions to your glossary.


Task 3: PRODUCTION PPT: Complete the Research Task on Slide 33.


Task 4: PRODUCTION PPT: Read through Slides 34 – 38. Add the key terms (MEDIA OWNERSHIP, HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL INTERGRATION, PIRACY & MARKETING) and their definitions to your glossary.


Task 5: CASE STUDY 1: Skyfall – Download the SKYFALL PowerPoint from the blog. Read and summarise slides 26 – 48 of your Skyfall PPT.

You should be able to recognise and identify examples of all the key terms and phrases and note them on your blog.


Task 6: CASE STUDY 2: Shifty

PRODUCTION PPT: Read and summarise slides 41 – 51 as well as any KEY TERMS.


Task 7: Final Task: Make a Revision PPT for Skyfall and Shifty and upload it to your blog.

Summarise your findings under the following subheadings            


  • Who is responsible for production (companies, names, style of company etc.)?
  • Type of institution (in line with the BFI categories)
  • Money (funding, budget, overall expenditure, predicted revenue and revenue)
  • Filming (how is it filmed in today’s ever changing media – cameras/ film reel/ HD, DV)
  • Type of story (is it typical to the production company, what type of genre, does it fulfil a real representation of Britain?)
  • Stars (celebrity, typical to that company)
  • Directors (well known, unknown, style)


HOMEWORK: If you fail to complete the tasks in the lesson you MUST complete them as part of your ISP.

COURSEWORK DEADLINE: Your Coursework must be finished and uploaded by 4pm on Monday 3rd April 2017. This deadline is final and non-negotiable. You will receive a preliminary grade after the Easter break.


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