AS Media Studies E Block (11am – 1.10pm)

EXAM PRACTICE: Final Exam Thursday 18th May 2017 (Morning)

Discuss the ways in which the following extracts represent DISABILITY and CLASS using the following:     

  • Mise-en-scene: 6 Examples (Costumes, Lighting, Actors, Make-up, Props, Setting)
  • Camera: 4 Examples (Shot Types, Angles & Movement)
  • Sound: 3 Examples (Diegetic & Non-diegetic)
  • Editing: 3 Examples (Continuity, Transitions, SFX)


  • View the clips 4 times each
  • Make notes
  • Write a brief response for each element using the Point (KEY TERMS) Evidence (EXAMPLE FROM CLIP) Analysis (CONNOTATIONS) structure (3 x 30 minutes). 



Post your planning to your blog.

Homework: AGE


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